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Pharmacy Signage -The Case Studies

Project Objective: O'Reillys Pharmacy in Clonmel under went a total transformation to conform visually to Total Health after making the decision to join Total Health group a year previous. We were introduced to Barry Horgan the owner by the appointed shop fitters Pride Craft Shop Fitting who we had worked well with previously on projects for another Pharmacy group. We were delighted to be involved in this project. There is nothing more satisfying than a full gutting of tired, dated signage shop front and category signage and the introduction of a entirely new signage pack in a bright vibrant colour scheme. We were briefed by John Arnold the commercial director (Total Health) on the strict brand guidelines and the high standard finish required to pass the Total Health Pharmacy signage 'test 'where great importance is placed on quality and brand consistency. I am please to say we passed the 'Total Health' Pharmacy' test with flying colours....

Pharmacy Sign_signage_pharmacy cross sign_shop front sign
Pharmacy Exterior Signage_Pharmacy L
Original Pharmacy Shop Front
Pharmacy Consultation Area_Printed Graphics Applied to Glass_Custom Leaflet Holder Wall Unit
Customised Leaflet Unit
Original Consultation Area
Gondola Signs_Category Signs_Pharmacy Signs
Pharmacy_ Pavement Sign_ Street Sign
Pharmacy LED Cross Signage_Pharmacy Cross
Low Level Wall Unit Signs_Category Signs_Pharmacy Signs
Pharmacy_Window Graphics_Icon window graphics

Project Objective: Update the colour scheme to brighten the exterior. We were referred to Blackhall Pharmacy by one of our regular pharmacy customers.  The pharmacy has a very prominent location on a very busy city centre location with good potential for passing business. As with any city centre location the local community is a mix of permanent home owners, transient 'rental' types and one off 'visitors' passing and it’s important to be very visible to the continuous stream of potential customers.

1st Step: The immediate focus was on the double fronted exterior, how to progress with new vibrant eye catching window graphics and high impact shop front lettering.

Initial the customer was discussing removing the 'grey' aluminium high spec internally illuminated metal lettering fixed to the 'grey' metal fascia sign panel but we offered an option to refurbish the signage.  This involved a new paint finish and new lighting rather than replace what would have easily been a €10K investment 10 years previously. This style of signage was very typical 5-8 years ago but retail is now trending towards bright and beautiful.

2nd Step: So we set about the design process first, identifying a new colour palette. Our graphic designer worked directly with the pharmacy owner and with their input agreed a new design for the window graphics and shop front before moving inside to redesign the consultation area and category signs. The pharmacy retained the current shop fit out and much of the signage but the introduction of colour really had a very positive impact .The dramatic difference can be seen in the before and after images, the customers is delighted and the pharmacy is reaping the benefits.

The History of the Pharmacy Cross

Pharmacy Sign Cross
Outside Pharmacy Signage Ireland
Pharmacy Sign Cross
Outside Pharmacy Signage Ireland

The Green pharmacy cross can be seen on many pharmacies throughout Ireland. The green pharmacy cross has an interesting history behind it. The green cross first came about in the early 20th century in Europe. At the time the Red Cross was used by some medical institutions and some pharmacies. The green is said to be a reference to the Red Cross which is an international movement that was set up in Geneva in 1864, it was set up to assist those injured in wars and conflicts. It is said that the Green Cross that is now associated with health and pharmacies was linked to the colour of the plants which was used in many of the plants used in some of the remedies and that pharmacies sold.


The modern day Pharmacy Cross are usually a Green Cross outside the pharmacy to direct people into the shop. Many have LED capabilities and interactive elements implemented into them. There are other many variations to the Green Pharmacy Cross and example LED signage which is really prominent in today’s society. offer a range of pharmacy crosses. Supporting in the ever growing history of the Pharmacy Sign Cross.

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