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Bright & Clean - New Trend 2020


In terms of retail, Pharmacy retailing is under going a major signage revolution....many factors are driving this surge. The previous ecomomic climate saw all retailers watching budgets, avoiding any major refurbishments until the economy began to grow again. Many exteriors have become outdated and dilapidated. But also driving change is the increased competition and pressure on margins.


Family 'chains' have rebranded or at least tweaked their branding Independent pharmacy's are seeking the support of the 'branded pharmacy' model with this brings a very sleek modern instantly recognisable signage pack. To remain visible and in the game so to speak a distinctive well maintained pharmacy exterior has never been more important.


Signage only plays a part in becoming visibly attractive, we often encourage customers to consider their shop fronts, review the paint finish, any repair works. How is their lighting, do they need to look at replacing big clunky old lighting for more modern low voltage LED lighting or consider illuminated lettering. How is the window display, two pet peeves of mine is the stores either have this Aladens Cave of confusing non pharmacy related products e.g school bags which make the store look like a pound store or light blocking sloppy unstable giant cardboard cut out of medicine bottles preventing any kind of view into the store....are either of these options really driving 'health or beauty' concerned consumers into the store.

Time strapped consumers want to look before they try, they are driven visually. They need to like what they see from the exterior to determine if their needs will be addressed. The exterior and interior presented in a simple, clean and bright context will drive sales.

Pharmacys should identify their key strengths in comparison to the local competition and focus on highlighting this to passing footfall e.g. Premium Skincare or Premium Beauty Ranges. Then use signage such as exterior lettering, window graphics, window light boxes, internal walls, digital screens, consultation area to communicate what is on offer. e.g. screening, testing, private consultations, skin clinics, gifts, photo, beauty

We've been working directly with pharmacists for 15 years and we've been up and down the country. We've seen the trends come and go and we've also learned what works and what doesn't. Click on the pdf included to give you a full review of the signage pack you should be considering. The great thing about signage is you dont have to do everything at the one time. Every item is custom made to order so you can pick and choose and add as your budget allows.

Contact Caroline for a store visit 01 862 3852 to review how your pharmacy could be updated into a really attractive retail space.

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