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Instore Interchangeable Signage
Before the Signarama design team get to work our customers must choose a material for their sign panel. We can then customise the graphics, panel size and how it is secured to the gondola as each shop fit is different and there is no one size fits all.


Why Choose Foam PVC

PVC Foam is a rigid smooth matt board, it is light weight, flexible and more cost effective than acrylic. It is the most common sign material for in door use available n 3mm, 5mm, 10mm & 19mm in a variety of of colors. This fabrication friendly material is easily machined to a custom shape. Its a soft board and marks easily so we recommend a lamianted vinyl graphic applied to the board.


How are Category Signs Interchangable

All Signarama gondola signage is designed to slot in and out of a sign support with ease. Only the sign support is permanently fixed to the gondola, staff can easily lift a sign panel from its sign holder and swap to another or store for future use. We will offer our expertise to devise the best solution to suit your existing gondolas taking into consideration all your concerns.


Pure Pharmacy Category Signs
Velcro Using to Hang Category Signs
Split-Battern Wall Sign Supports in Opal Acrylic

What are the Sign Supports 

There are a number of options to hold the sign panel. Its important the sign is at a visible height, choice will often come down to personal taste, the look and feel of the exiting shop fixtures and often budget. Our design team will work with you to find the best solution for the store

- Painted Wooden Block

- Satin Anodised Sign Supports  

- Painted Metal 

- Customised Power Coated Metal Frame 

- Wooden Block


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