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Kirby Samsung Digital Screen

Kirby Samsung Digital Screen

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The content is managed generally from a cloud based software so you can control content on any screen from your PC anywhere. The software is user friendly for scheduling content. The actual content can be prepared by staff member or a professional designer. Call 01 8623852 for more information.

Digital Screen Displays
1. Customer Engagement
Todays consumers want content that's informative and relevant to them. 
Like any point of sale, marketing a ‘relevant’ message captures attention, the combination of bright colors and motion makes digital signage displays hard to
ignore.  With its support for video and animated content, digital signage attracts
attention better than other types of communication medium. Customers now seek out this type of engagement to influence decisions. 

With consumers showing less loyalty to one pharmacy, the screen offers a method of memorable engagement to emphasis the benefits your pharmacy has to offer over the local competition. e.g. promotion of the private consultation room, various screening services, child/adult vaccinations, morning after pill, health checks, blister packaging..... services customers may not be aware are on offer in store. Within a pharmacy environment customers can often have waiting periods where a screen would offer an entertainment solution while establishing the pharmacy as the ‘go to’ place for healthcare advise e.g directing customers to a Skincare or Vitamin zone in the store by offering simple facts of interest perhaps relating to upcoming seasonal changes . Highlighting the category, delivering ‘relevant /valuable’ information while promoting specific categories in the store to encourage purchases.
2. Dynamic
Ultimately, digital signage will play a strong role in a retail environment because of the ability to deploy any content, any time, from any location, making it  more dynamic than any other display medium. The fact elements can self-update since content can also include real-time news /weather from RSS feeds and social feeds.  The screens can be segmented to run multiple media at one time including  video, static images, social media feeds or news feeds making it far more time and cost effective and efficient at delivering information than standard medium such as print .

Can SIgnarama Organise the Screens, Fitting and Software?

Yes we always offer our customers a complete solutions. Signarama can build a custom designed ceiling to floor support unit, incorporate shelves, light boxe or poster holder reverse in any colour scheme. We can use an

also use an off the shelf telescopic arm support if thats preferred. We can arrange the electrical work required to network screens for remote access and arrange the power. We can arrange the content management software and provide training. Call today 01 8623852 to get more information.

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