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What is POS - Point of Sale
Temporary signage/printed material positioned in an area to attact attention to drive sales of that product by commuincating a desired benefit to the customer.​


  • Delivers desired product information

  • Delivers price/value messaging

  • Directs customers in the store

  • Influences purchase decisions

Data Strips - 39mm high x length of the shelf (easily cut to size) traditional used to display pricing but becoming popular to display a full lenght printed paper strip insert behind pricing to denote the category of the product shelf e.g. ' Gifts' or colour code departments
Shelf Talker - Hard plastic sleve available in a range of sizes approx from 100mm - 220mm in lenght up to approx 100mm in height. Good size to display information without affecting product visibility e.g. Did you know's on a chronic illness.../Twin Packs
Projecting Signage - Take the form of a small plastic clip that attaches or adheres to the data strip and holds a custom shaped card. Displays limited information as normally no bigger 100mm in diameter.The larger projecting mechanism is the ailse fin that is magnetic or clamp fixed, the insert is approx 100mm wide x custom lenght but can display substantial information if desired.
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