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2021 - What can a pharmacy offer inside that online cant?


Covid 19 has accelerated predicted changes in consumer behaviors. Now retailers are scrambling to get their tech in order to compete on the web stage, some need to begin their online shop journey altogether. Management teams need to review and implement internal ordering systems & procedures, introduce 'safe' Q management and shop layouts to both comply with law and attract nervous consumers into their stores.

The retail pharmacy industry was already in the midst of a shake up dealing with lower margins due to changes in the state reimbursement scheme and steady increase in new entrants over the last few years. Both exerting massive pressure on pharmacy's to consolidate to align with a symbol or large 'buying' group to remain a financially viable operation.

Now in 2021 pharmacists are examining " what can we offer customers in our pharmacy they cant get online ?"

With every pharmacy offering the same products, it's never been more important to know

  • Who do you really want to attract (targeting) - where's the profit

  • Is their a niche opportunity for you to do better than the competition

  • What do they expect their pharmacy to offer them - e.g. round the clock response or 9am -5pm

  • What do they expect their pharmacy to stand for - e.g. discount or personal one on one advice

  • What do they expect their pharmacy to look like  - traditional or modern

....but the key is to say it louder than the next pharmacy. There is no room for complacency. Customers expect continuous innovation, they expect to interact with retailers on their terms at a time when they choose. They expect to align with retailers who are transparent and hold similar values to them.

Signage is the ultimate communications tool for retail. Ultimately among many factors to address, this is a communications exercise. Our brochure looks in detail how to build a signage communication package that

a) maximises external signage opportunities to draw the intended target market into the pharmacy

b) once inside how to offer the best shopping experience possible.

Contact me anytime for more information:

Caroline O'Neill

Tel: 01 862 3852

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