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Pure Pharmacy Category Signs
Velcro Using to Hang Category Signs
Split-Battern Wall Sign Supports in Opal Acrylic
Satin Anodised Aluminium Sign Panel Wall Supports with Acrylic

How Will the Category Signs Fix to the Wall Bays

There are a number of options to semi permanently

secure a category sign panel to the wall bays. We regularly use


  • Satin Anodised Bolts (Flush or Raised 10mm)

  • Velcro Reverse (Only)

  • Velcro Reverse (Satin Bolts Glued to Face)

  • Split Battons

  • Magnets.  


How Do I Choose the Right Fixing Method

Our design team will work with you to find the best solution for your store, factors considered

  • Personal Preference of the Decision Maker 

  • Best Solution to Suit Staff

  • Height from Ground

  • Size of the Category Signs

  • Budget per Sign 

  • Existing Shop Fixtures

  • Material of the Sign (Clear or Solid Colour)



Why Choose FOAM PVC

Acrylic is a high gloss premium 'glass' like material. It is an 

excellent sign material for category signs due to its great strength, heat, light, UV and impact resistant properties.

It's a great long term solution that will retain its quality 

over time especially when they are interchanged or stored

by staff. This fabrication friendly material is easily routed

to a custom shape.


Thickeness of choice is usually 5mm available in clear, 

opal (white) and a range of colours.  If using clear acrylic the

approved design is applied in a self adhesive vinyl to the

reverse of the acrylic which provides extra protection and allows 

for easy cleaning. Opal and black acrylic are also popular choices

with the vinyl graphic applied to the face. All our acrylic is 

finished with polished edges.


​How are Bay Signs Interchangable

All pharmacy category signage is designed for staff to move around the store with ease. There are a number of fixing solutions where staff can easily un-screw, lift or un-stick a sign panel from its position and swap to another bay or store for future use. Once we have the design on file we can supply new category titles as the need arises. When preparing your titles list for our designer we recommend you consider all future seasonal and promotional events so we have a complete pack. We will offer our expertise to devise the best solution to suit your existing bay units taking into consideration all your concerns.


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