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Alternative to a U Poster Pocket

If you feel a clear U poster pocket is not suitable for your pharmacy or realistically you don't have the resources to implement a regular poster campagin alternatively you can use a similar solution to the gondola/bay category signage. This semi permanent option where the graphics could read ' Summer Offers'or 'Special Offers' if needs be.We will offer our expertise to devise the best solution to suit your existing gondolas taking into consideration all your concerns.



Is the end bay designated for promotions?

Often where there is space in a pharmacy a single bay shelving unit will be positionsed at either end of a 2/3/4 bay gondola unit this is usually designated for 'promotional' stock. Signage will play a key role in the success of any offer by how well the offer is communicated.

Benefits of a Interchangable Solution

By choosing a 'U' poster pocket made from a transparent high gloss 'glass' like plastic material similar in appearance to acrylic you can customise your message with text &  product images which slides into the pocket to be read double sided. If you don#'t have the time or resources to coordinate regular printed promotional pieces you can still include a general promotional message which can be changed seasonal to reflect the stock on promotion.

How is the Sign or Pocket Held in Place

There are a number of options to hold a clear U pocket or sign panel in place. The most important consideration is the sign is at a visible height to be seen and not blocked by stock. The choice of sign support will be determined by the look and feel of the exiting shop fixtures, personal taste of the decision maker and often the budget. Our design team will work with you to find the best solution for the store

a) Painted Wooden Block

b) Satin Anodised Sign Supports  

c) Painted Metal 

d) Power Coated Metal Frame 


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